Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thunderstorms and Air Conditioners

On the evening of June 21st, 2011 the Chicago suburbs got hit with damaging high wind thunderstorms and tornado activity. During the storm many people lost their electricity.

The power surges experienced just before the electricity finally goes out can wreak havoc on electronics and air conditioners. The National Disaster Education Coalition suggests that you turn off your air conditioner during a thunderstorm.

When a running air conditioner is hit with a surge of electricity it can damage the internal components including the compressor, capacitor, circuit board etc. To protect the system it is best to have it to the off position until the storm completely passes. If a storm rolls in, and catches you off guard, then turn your air conditioner to the "off" position at the thermostat as soon as possible.

This has been a stormy spring and summer so far. Everyone be safe for the rest of the season.

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Have a great rest of the summer!!