Friday, August 23, 2013

Seasonal Allergy Season is Here!

The pollen count today is high and will probably continue to be high now until the weather changes and we have a hard frost.

Any of you who suffer from seasonal allergies or has family members who suffer with allergies,  know how much we dread to see this time year appear.

Runny noses and eyes, with itchy eyes and sneezing and congestion. If you are one of the poor individuals with allergies you know the suffering that comes when the seasons change.

Your indoor air quality of your home is very important especially during this time of year. Most  doctors will recommend that you keep your windows and doors closed during the pollen season.  They will also advise to run your homes air conditioner to keep the air circulating and to change your furnace filter very regularly.

Today there are many options to improve indoor air quality. There are electronic air cleaners for heating and cooling systems that greatly help with allergies.

Please visit the Carrier website to explore indoor air quality options that are available.

Please call us to discuss pricing and installation.

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